Editor’s Note: This letter struck me as sensibly spiritual. Ms. Farrell’s approach to religion seems like a lesson to all those fanatics who have jettisoned the idea of separation of church and state in favor of forcing ancient religious dogma down the throats of impressionable children. Thanks to you, Ms. Farrell, for bringing a breath of fresh air to this debate.

Bible lesson

To the editor:

I would like to respond to the letter regarding Darwin's theory of evolution (“Evolution is not a fact,” March 2). I will not contest the statement that evolution is a theory. I would add that, like much of the information coming from the scientific community, it is a theory based on studies and discoveries. The writer uses her concerns regarding the teaching of the theory of evolution in schools to sell the idea of studying the Bible as well. Interesting point.

Not everyone reads the Bible. Bibles have been around for thousands of years and were first presented as the word of God written by men. Those who followed it as such, did so, and continue to do so, based on faith. In the enormous amount of time that these books have been around, many editors have put their own particular spin on the interpretations and wordings have changed through the years.

Some people believe that the Bible is a book to be followed to the letter. Others consider it a book of cautionary and morality tales — an adult equivalent of Aesop’s fables — based on faith in unseen forces and, in some cases, writers’ use of allegory.

Scientific theories also change and are subject to interpretations but are based, as I stated before, on study and discovery of tangible proof. While there is nothing wrong with reading, studying, believing and adhering to the word of the Bible, be it Septuagint, Vulgate, Luther, King James, Revised Standard, The Koran, New International, Jerusalem, New Revised or any of the countless others, I do not believe that public schools are the appropriate place to be teaching what are essentially religious doctrines.

Mary Farrell
Greenwich, Connecticut

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