Editor’s Note: After one homophobic evangelical wrote to the Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time to attack my opposition to killing gay people in Africa, Peggy Cheyne wrote to the newspapers to defend my position. I wish she didn’t being up the topic of whether “homosexuality is inherited,” which I neither believe nor wrote anything about; however, I appreciate seeing someone with a tolerant attitude writing a letter in the face of the sort of bigotry that I find rather surprising here in moderate, sensible Connecticut. Unlike Mr. Stockbridge, her heart is in the right place, and I agree with every word in her letter.

To the editor:

God cant determine gay marriage rights

While I agree with Mr. Stockbridge (letter, “Offended by Drought column on mainstreaming of homosexuality,” Thursday, Feb. 13) that there is no scientific proof that homosexuality is inherited, it’s the only thing in his letter I agree with.

There is plenty of scientific proof and many studies that people are indeed “born gay.” However, I have never seen a study that has shown that about one out of 10 people living in the United States has thought at some point they are “LGBT.”

I would never presume to know what’s in god’s mind regarding gay marriage; however, whatever it is, that should not be a factor in allowing gay marriage.

We have, or should have, a separation of church and state in this country. So, while no one would insist that a church of any denomination should have to accept gay marriage, we have every right to insist that our government does.

Peggy Cheyne
Stamford, Connecticut

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