Editor’s Note: This letter to the editor was published in The Stamford Advocate about a week and a half after my article on the subjunctive voice in grammar was printed. The writer, who is someone I actually know, is, by the way, a great guy. His problem is, he is so in love with Donald J. Trump, that he just can’t contain his admiration. A few articles back, I wrote an op-ed in which I mentioned there are conservatives who consider The Donald the greatest human being since Jesus Christ ... I’m afraid Peter is one of those ... when the president said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, and not lose any supporters, he had people like Peter in mind. As long as he continues to cut taxes for the very wealthy, cut benefits for the rest of us, and appoint right-wing activists to the Supreme Court and the rest of the judiciary, The Donald will always have Peter’s vote.

A Response to Mark Drought’s Statement of Disbelief

— By Peter Leonidas

Well, Mark Drought, there are many things that I want to believe too . . .

Mostly, I want to believe that there are still some reasonable liberals in our country who are unwilling to shred the United States Constitution in order to advance an increasingly radical agenda or to satiate their bottomless hatred for a duly elected president.

The Democrats used to be the party of free speech, civil rights, due process and the unpopular. But to paraphrase a pop song from the 90s: Where have all the good liberals gone?

Indeed, I find it interesting that Mark Drought asserts that conservatives have abandoned American ideals. But a review of recent events strongly suggests that the exact opposite is true.

It is the left, not the conservative right, that has engaged in a full scale attack on the First Amendment in this country, seeking to silence opponents by mislabeling and screaming “racist” at anyone who has the temerity to push back against their progressive agenda, in much the same fashion as Salem puritans yelled “witch” at the neighbors they disliked. This indiscriminate guillotine is now being loosed on the Democratic leadership itself, with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden being asked to lean forward and extend their necks for not being sufficiently extreme.

It is the left, not the conservative right, who engaged in a McCarthyesque kangaroo court last year during the Kavanaugh hearings, with several Democratic Senators (including Connecticut’s own Senator Blumenthal) publicly stating that they believed Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser even before they could be bothered to hear Judge Kavanaugh testify about his version of events.

It is the left who are attempting to misuse the rare device of impeachment to achieve a political do-over of the 2016 election, despite the fact that the entire Russia collusion investigation appears to have been run by a feeble man who – after more than two years of a fruitless investigation – could not testify as to whether there was a difference between “collusion” and “conspiracy” even though his own report expressly addresses the issue. Similarly, it is my Democratic friends who are untroubled by the fact that some of the key prosecutors on Mueller’s teams were apparently devoted Hillary supporters. Indeed, one of the prosecutors actually provided legal advice to the Clinton Foundation and another attended her ill-fated election night party. Others brazenly texted their hatred for the very president they were investigating. But then again, little things like due process and prosecutorial impartiality should not be allowed to get in the way of the holy progressive crusade to expel the hated orange man from the White House.

And despite President’s often fiery rhetoric, it is the radical left, not the right. that routinely engages political acts of physical violence in this country. It is the left that sets fires in Berkley to silence opponents and physically assaults political opponents on college campuses. It is radical leftists who hide behind black masks while closing down the streets of Seattle. It was a deranged Bernie supporter that opened fire on elected Republican representatives during a softball game.

So, with all due respect to Mark Drought, this is not about what we want to believe, this is about opening our eyes and seeing what is actually happening.

Peter Xavier Leonidas
Pelham, New York

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