Editor’s Note: This Letter to the Editor was written in response to Karen Welborn’s hate-filled screed on the Letters page, which was itself a my article on freedom of religion and free speech. What I like most about Mr. Russo’s comments (beyond the fact that he seems to be on my side) is his last sentence, which is so nicely written that I wish I’d penned it.

Illuminating letter

To the editor:

Mark Drought’s Jan. 28 column on religion and freedom of speech, and a letter to the editor printed in response, provided an illuminating view into the dark thinking of a “compassionate” Christian.

The reader attempts to provide a feeble distinction between racism and homophobia. She correctly notes that skin color is genetic and no choice is involved, However, she erroneously claims that sexual orientation, as in being gay, is a choice and immoral. Whether being gay is genetic, which is supported by most of the scientific community, or is a choice, no causal relationship to morality exists. Sexual orientation is a morally neutral issue.

What is not morally neutral is homophobia cloaked as religion.

I find it amusingly curious that a person who claims to be a Christian can dump her compassionate bigotry at the doorstep of religion and genuflect in the process.

Joseph M. Russo
Stamford, Connecticut

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