Editor’s Note: This e-mail response arrived about three years after the article on the Confederate flag was posted on this site. I’m wondering if it took the author (whose e-mail moniker is redneck_trucker) that long to compose this epistle. Like a broken clock, which is right twice a day, there actually are a couple valid points made here, but overall ... well, you can judge for yourself. Normally, I’d feel guilty being critical, since I encourage readers to write in and usually try my best to respond politely to anyone who contacts the site; however, I felt the salutation —  “You Son of a Bitch” — does somewhat relieve me of the obligation to be courteous. This letter has in no way been altered.

You Son of a Bitch You have no right to Say those things to we southern supporters. I can see that you are an Ignorant Dumass who has not reasearched the subject properly. Firstly Slavery was not the sole cause of the war. Lincoln wrote the Emacpation Proclimation to keep other countries out of the war not because It was the main cause. Slavery Started Before America Gained Independence so the rap of slavery cannot be pinned souly on southerners. Thomas Jefferson (who was a southerner) tried putting it in the declartion of independence but it failed so it is no more southerners fault than the Yanks. Slavery would have bin in the north But It didnt work there. There were not enough Large Farms. It worked in the south and we flourished with it so you can see why we did not want to give up our way of life.

Secondly the cheif cause of the war was we were the minorty and our way of life was about to be abloshied by Jealous Northerners. We were not about to let that happen. In your article you compared southerns to Nazis which is totally ridiclus because southeners did not kill slaves or invade neighboring countres. A more apropiat comparison would be Confederates being America and america being Britan because we were Seeking freedom from an oppresist Gov't. When America Declared war on us they broke the constution when they declared war on us because the constution provided for states that felt they were being wronged. The Victors write history this is why you have not heard of any of this in history books. I have a confederate Flag on my wall because it reminds me of the chance that as long as people like me are still out there there is a hope that DixeLand will rise again. If you want any more infromation contact the League of the South or any othre Pro Confederate Organization E-Mail me back I would like to see if you have n e more arguments


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