Editor’s Note: I guess I just really like the phrase “Drought correct,” as well as “superb commentary.”

Drought correct

To the editor:

I vigorously applaud Mr. Drought’s superb commentary headlining the arrogance, ignorance and bigotry personified by the words and actions of Kim Davis, along with mindless commentary by — among others — Mike Huckabee and Dr. Carson. And “American Sharia” is what such individuals advocate when they insist that their individual and personal beliefs must be the law of the land—despite what the U. S. Constitution explicitly states. I do not subscribe to all the opinions and beliefs of my friends, neighbors, fellow citizens, etc., nor do I believe that I have the right and obligation to force, by rule of law, my beliefs and principles on the aforementioned groups. I do support Mr. Drought’s contention that, if one finds that the lawful requirements of their employment conflicts irrevocably with their personal ideology, they are conscious-bound to resign from that employment in favor of a position that doesn’t pose that conflict.

The consummate arrogance that “I am right in my opinions and beliefs, and you all must subscribe to my judgments, or else” has always existed in human beings to some degree. With 21st Century communications capabilities, perhaps we are more conscious of it than folks were during the Crusades, the sweep of the Mongolian Hordes or the Spanish-Moors battles.

Jim McNamara
Trumbull, Connecticut

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