A Letter to the Editor

Flaws in Atheism

To the editor:

Recently, there has been a spate of books promoting atheism, saying that atheism is the only belief that makes sense. But atheists have some questions to answer.

How is it that there is a creation without a creator? How are planets and stars in motion without there being a first mover himself? How is there evident design in nature without a divine architect? What are we to make of all the revelations of God in the Bible? Are we to ignore all of these?

What are we to make of this person Jesus, who witnesses said performed countless miracles, raised three people from death and rose himself from the dead after dying a most ignominious death, is another question. That is not to mention all of the Christian martyrs who chose to give their lives, rather than deny the divinity of Christ.

Scientists tell us that the universe began between 12 billion and 15 billion years ago, and, before that time, there is no evidence of anything being in existence.

If the world had no beginning, who caused it to come into being?

Bob Saverine
5 June 2007

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